Our Story

The story of Beyond the Thought

From humble beginnings.

The Story Starts In a little township named Kagiso in the West Rand.

Our journey begins late in 2013, with the idea of creating a townships first global advertising agency. With high hopes of penetrating the industry, working with small to medium sized businesses and making them through clear communication tools and channels attractive to markets across the continent.

The year we setup our first agency premises, developing an accessible creative space to our then market. What would an advertising agency be without any commercials? In this year we produced our first trial commercial using nothing but a camera, wooden board and skateboard.   Someone had to try out the business model.


Twenty Thriveteen! Growing and expand our core, we looked into and introduced out of home advertising into our agency. With research into the industry we saw the gap to fill by making use of the many untapped contact points in the township.  With this came our own photo production studio, where we saw the need to develop and design our own original work for our clients out of home use.

The evolution of marketing will not be printed. With the transformation of the industry from a traditional perspective to a digital one, we introduced a digital solutions offering to our list. Signing our first continental client and taking inventive steps at looking at ways to advertising online through new software development.   Beyond – We wake up daily to build one of Africa’s leading strategy solutions agencies, beyond the thoughts of our esteemed clients.